In the preparations for the hearings of the Juncker Commission, Sergei Stanishev held talks with a number of the future socialist Commissioners on key topics in their fields. After the hearings, Stanishev will hold a joint meeting with all eight Commissioners from the left family, in order to outline the mechanisms by which the main priorities of the left will transform into real policies for the European citizens on behalf of the Commission.


The future commissioners of the socialist family received key positions, such as economy, tax policy, regional development, international cooperation, Health and Transport and they will be guarantee for the return of Europe to the path of growth after years of stagnation. The two key Vice-Presidents – the High Representative for Foreign Affairs and the First Vice-President of the European Commission, who will be responsible for the rule of law, including for the Mechanism for Cooperation and Verification for Bulgaria and Romania, are from the socialist family and will observe the implementation of the proposed progressive measures in the Juncker program. The MEP stressed out that the President of the Commission received the support of the Group of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament, because of the specific commitments to increase investments in new jobs, competitiveness, reindustrialization and creating favourable environment for the small and medium-sized enterprises. Stanishev expressed his confidence that the proven expertise of the socialist Commissioners will help to stabilize the European Economy.