The Bulgarian MEP asked for the support of the Commissioners for the Bulgarian community in Ukraine


On the eve of the meeting of the EU Heads of States and Governments on 12 February, Sergei Stanishev took part in a debate on the preparation of the European Council during EP’s plenary session in Strasbourg. The agenda of the summit tomorrow includes the situation in Ukraine, antiterrorist measures following the tragic events in Paris and strengthening of the Economic and Monetary Union as well as the political situation in Greece after the elections.


Speaking on the upcoming European Council meeting, Sergei Stanishev said: ‘I would like to stress that we still have a divided security zone inside the EU. As long as Bulgaria and Romania are kept out of Schengen, the common security of the European space is under threat’.


On Ukraine, PES President Stanishev said he expected positive developments towards the solution of the conflict after the meeting between Hollande, Merkel, Putin and Poroshenko in Minsk today. ‘We cannot allow more casualties and violence. We need a peaceful political solution to the conflict’, said MEP Stanishev. He called both on the EU and the Bulgarian government to reinforce the humanitarian aid for the Bulgarian community highlighting that there are between 300 000 and 500 000 Bulgarians in Ukraine who need our support and solidarity.


Stanishev also highlighted the need for re-negotiation of the payment plan for the public debt of Greece and called for a new reform agenda to revive the economic stability of the country. ‘Strengthening the social pillar of the Economic and Monetary Union is a key priority for the Socialists. We need a constructive, democratic dialogue to protect the unity of the Eurozone and to bring economic growth and jobs’, he added.


A preparatory meeting ahead of the European Council will take place tomorrow on the initiative of PES leader Stanishev where state leaders and commissioners from the socialist family will coordinate their positions on the items on the agenda of the Summit.