Vice-President of the European Commission Maroš Šefčovič presented today the strategy for a European energy union. The framework strategy is a package of measures aimed at transforming the energy systems in the EU and its Member States which have to be implemented in the next 5 years.


Sergei Stanishev, MEP, welcomed the initiative of the Commission: ‘Vice-President Šefčovič presented a strategy which matches the demands of the Socialists and Democrats in Europe for the establishment of a modern energy policy which is both apt to climate changes and facilitates economic development and energy security. The S&D Group and PES will engage in an active and constructive dialogue with Commission to create a full-fledged Energy Union. This will lead to lower energy prices for citizens and industry, improve the competitiveness of European economy, will provide a solid framework for investments and will contribute to fostering growth and jobs. The Energy Union will make markets more independent from energy supplies from third countries. It is also crucial for the achievement of the EU target for 40% greenhouse gas emissions reduction by 2030 and will take Europe to a more credible leading position during the upcoming negotiations on climate change in Paris in December’.
The framework strategy adopted by the Commission foresees a package of measures for strengthening European energy diplomacy, fostering energy efficiency and the use of renewables, deepening of the internal energy market and increasing the number of transborder electricity interconnections. It also envisages a plan for Europe to become a world leader in research and innovations in the field of energy and climate change.