The MEP from PES Sergei Stanishev opened a conference in the European Parliament on the occasion of the 120th anniversary of the Croatial Social Democracy. The conference was organized by the Head of Croatian Delegation with the Socialists & Democrats in the EP, Tonino Picula.


In his speech, Stanishev stressed the important role of young people in politics, stating that “We cannot go forward while looking backwards. We must face the challenges by offering bold solutions for changing social and economic environment in Europe. Young people often deny politics, but it needs them. They are the most affected by the unprecedented crisis provoked by the neoliberal model in Europe. The result of it in some countries is over 50% of youth unemployment. We run the risk of a lost generation, which will fail to realize on the labour market. Their voice must be heard. The Youth Guarantee was introduced as a result of our efforts. Now it is necessary to increase the funds in it and to extend its reach to all young people under the age of 30, in order to give them a better start on the labour market”.


Stanishev commented on the challenges facing the social democrats in Europe. In his words, after the neoliberal model’s crash, it is time for a strong social and investment policy, to which the socialists must be the driving force.


“For years the conservative parties claimed that the market is fair and can regulate itself. It is clear to all that this is not the case, and more policies aimed towards the people are needed. Here comes the role of the socialists, as we have always argued for more investments in new jobs. The Juncker investment plan is a fact thanks to us. It is important now to stand up for more investment in education and innovation, access to finance for the small and medium sized enterprises, keeping the regional principle, in order for the plan to have a macroeconomic effect, which is necessary to overcome the crisis” – said the MEP.