Today S&D MEP and PES President Sergei Stanishev took part in the debate on the situation in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia during this week’s EP plenary session in Strasbourg.


In his speech he pointed out that from a front-runner in EU integration among applicant countries, Macedonia has fallen in a continuous deep political crisis during Gruevski’s ruling. In his words, the functioning of state institutions raises serious concerns, and the government fails to demonstrate commitment to the fundamental democratic values and standards enshrined in the EU enlargement process.


Stanishev also expressed disappointment that the European institutions have long underestimated the situation in the country and have overlooked the development of an authoritarian regime in a candidate country. In his view, the present government uses all state institutions and services to its advantage, supresses business, media and the judiciary. ‘The EU cannot solve all internal problems of the country, but bears the responsibility to use all means and tools at its disposal to support Macedonian citizens in their strive for justice and democracy’, the socialist MEP said.


The socialist leader reminded that he had attended the civil rally in Skopje last Sunday not to teach or preach but to listen to the voices of the people. He was glad to see people of different political views and ethnic origin, civil society representatives and NGOs standing up together for their rights and freedoms and for democracy in the country. Stanishev concluded by quoting a student from the rally saying: ‘It’s not about who is in power and who is in opposition, but about the very functioning of our state’.