“Macedonia has made progress in certain areas, but specific actions are expected in the direction of good neighbourly relations with Bulgaria ” said the Bulgarian MEP Sergei Stanishev during a debate in Strasbourg on the report on Macedonia’s progress on its road to EU membership.


Stanishev expressed deep concerns of the socialist family regarding the deteriorating political situation in the country. He pointed out that until the government takes the initiative to restore the political dialogue, the mediation of European institutions will not solve the internal issue of Macedonia.


“It is no longer about the dialogue between the parties, it is about upholding the basic democratic standards and principles, which are an integral part of the negotiation process. The attacks against the opposition leader only raise the question whether we can really trust the judicial system, which is already criticized for selective administration of justice under the influence of the ruling party” added the MEP.


“Otherwise, the prospects of starting negotiations for Macedonia’s membership in the EU will recede even more” Stanishev said in his conclusion, who is also deputy chairman of the Parliamentary Cooperation Committee EU-Macedonia